Harkány Spa is situated on the southern slopes of Tenkes Hill, 25 kms from Pécs, on the south of Baranya County. Harkány is one of Hungary's most significant and most beautiful spa-towns. It has been an internationally well-known, highly visited spa and leisure town for more than a century. The thermal water is unique in Europe. The water sprung here contains sulphur and is rich in different ingredients so believe nature has created it simply for curing. Thousands of tourists who wish to be cured and have a pleasant vacation visit our town year by year. Find yourself in a fantastic health resort suitable for the whole family with perfect medical services, tasty gastronomy and good shopping facilites


Enjoy your stay even after your thermal bath experiences. Beside the romantic pubs, restaurants with live music join the festivals in each season: music and folklore festivals, balls, concerts, exhibitions, children animation, sport competitions.

Here is a list of programmes: Evil-hunting days, Easter Egg Days, Maypole day and dance-fest to get it out! Pentecost Music Fest, Open-Air-Bath Fest, August long weekend, grape-harvest fest, Octoberfest.


The Thermal Spa and Open-air Bath has almost 200 year old historic roots. There is written proof of the benefits of the thermal water from 1823. Thankfully to its healing effects and the romantic athmosphere of its sorrundings, Harkány has been named as the Mecca of reumatic patients. The spa - which construction was started in 1824 by the Batthány Family - sees over a million of guests per year. It is not only the medicinal water that has its spontaneous effect at the thermal baths at Harkány. The natural conditions are excellent: the favourable climate, the micro-climate of the spa, the 2.100–2.200 sunny hours a year can splendidly complement a carefully planned course of treatment. In the 13,5 acre park 7600 square meter water surface and 5000 square meters covered relaxation area is waiting for you. In the medicinal baths - completely refurbished in 2003 – a fully covered, a half-covered, and an open pool await the guests with a total water surface area of 2098 m2, with a depth of 110-153 cm at a temperature of 34-38 °C in winter and 26-33°C in summer. An up-to-date bath complex can hardly be imagined without a sauna, an jacuzzi and a massaging pool, or without a cosmetic and massaging parlour, as these freshening cures serve not only the general feeling of well-being but also help to preserve the body’s youth and beauty. The water gymastic led by an official physiotherapist twice a day is free of charge and a top favourite.

WATER - a power to heal body and soul

The medicinal water - sprung 50-70 meters underneath with an average of 62 Celsius - was discovered in the 19th century and after scientific analysis it was determined that its effect is similar to the water of the Dead Sea and its mineral content is exceptionally high. The ion-rich thermal water contains great magnitudes of dissolved carbonyl sulphide and sulphur, which has an absorption rate of 150 000 in both dissolved and gaseous form, and contributes in treating rheumatologic conditions and sterility. It reduces inflammation and improves the regeneration of cells and the self-purification of sore body parts. The water’s healing power is also essential in rendering psoriasis asymptomatic.

More Sights

- Zsigmondy promenade and park (Open-air stage)
- Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church and churchyard
- Calvinistic Church
- Harka well - a ZSOLNAY eosin fountain
- Globus cruciger, orb Millenium statue

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